How to Get Your Business Listed on Apple Maps with “Maps Connect”

Back in July, a post on Reddit reported that the Apple Maps team was reaching out to business owners directly to verify incorrect address data. But a couple weeks ago, Apple launched a self-service business listing portal for single location businesses called Maps Connect.

Maps Connect is meant to help small business owners add and edit their local business listings on Apple Maps since Apple’s data listing providers aren’t always in sync. For multi-location businesses, you’ll need to contact Apple directly at [email protected]

Here’s how you can get listed on Apple Maps using Maps Connect:

  1. Go to and login using your Apple ID and password.

  2. You’ll be redirected to “Add a New Business Page”, where you can select your relationship to the business. You can choose either “I’m the business owner” or “I’m authorized by the business owner”.

  3. Next, type in your basic business details such as the business name, primary phone number, address, etc.

  4. Enable Apple to call your primary business number to verify your contact details and receive a PIN code. You can also choose to “Verify Later” or verify by email.

  5. Confirm your business location by choosing any of the three categories that best fits your business. Each category has several business types, and you can suggest a category if you can’t see one that suits your business.

  6. Once done, indicate your business hours followed by adding your company URL and social media accounts.

  7. Review your business information and click “OK” when you’re done.

According to a report on Search Engine Land, listings will appear on Apple Maps within a week or less, depending on the situation and whether the company information was flagged or requires additional verification. (Not bad relative to other directories). But if you want to speed up the verification process, you can use an email address that matches your business’ URL (eg. and [email protected]).

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Maps Connect

  1. What are the rules for business names on Apple Maps?

Your name should be listed the way a customer would see it from your external sign. It must include the brand with an optional category. However, your business name cannot include promotional phrases, location details, phone numbers, or other information that are not part of your true business name.

  1. What about business like law firms with multiple practitioners?

You can create a profile for public-facing individuals if they have contact information that’s different from your business details.

  1. Can I create different business profiles using the same address?

Apple states that you should create just one profile per physical location. For business with multiple departments with distinctly different purposes, you can still create a profile—provided that each department has a unique phone number.

  1. Can I change my business’ data after claiming my listing?

According to Apple: “We receive profile information from many sources. It’s possible one of these sources believed that they had more recent information. If the information now displayed by Apple Maps is inaccurate, please resubmit an update.” This means that you need to make sure that your data is recent and accurate at various Apple Maps business listing suppliers.

  1. How can I update my business photo on Apple Maps?

Business photo on Apple Maps came from Yelp. Just update your profile image on Yelp and it will sync on Apple Maps.

  1. My submission was not approved. What should I do?

You will receive a notification from Apple in case your submission is not approved. You can reply, requesting for manual review, afterwards.

  1. Are there other types of business that Apple doesn’t accept?

Businesses can only be approved if they have physical location. Therefore, home-based businesses, businesses with temporary locations or without physical address, or businesses that are yet to open cannot be listed.

  1. Can I use a forwarded phone number?

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t accept redirected numbers.

  1. Can I use P.O. Boxes?

Apple doesn’t accept P.O. boxes either since your customers must be able to visit your business at your declared location. This means that you can’t enter other addresses where your employees are not physically present during business hours

  1. What if my business has moved or closed?

You must be able to answer your business’ previous phone number in order to take advantage of Maps Connect. Otherwise, you have to edit your business profile to indicate that the place has moved or closed. If you can no longer answer your business’ phone number, you can use your iOS device, search your business on Apple Maps, and click “Report a Problem.”

  1. How can I close a business on Apple Maps?

Apple’s listing process requires that you still answer your business’ phone before you can close it. Otherwise, you can report a problem from your business profile on Apple Maps using your iOS device.

For now, Apple Maps Connect is only available in U.S., and for those of you managing multiple locations, you’ll need to contact Apple directly at [email protected].



What menus and reviews tell us

A NYTimes Article profiling Dan Jurafsky has some interesting insights into the language used by restaurants and their reviewers. Dan Jurafsky is a linguistics professor at Stanford who is particularly interested in the language of food.

From his studies:

  • In high end restaurant menus which traditionally tended to contain more french words (jus, a la mode), french words are becoming less popular and italian words are becoming more used (caprese, nicoise).
  • High end restaurants tend to use shorter sentences but longer words. A 1 letter increase in the average word length correlates to an 18 cent increase in dish price.
  • Positive reviews all tend to be very similar to each other and negative reviews vary much more widely from each other. This echoes Leo Tolstoy’s famous line about how all happy families are alike and unhappy families are unhappy in different ways.
  • Negative reviews used language similar to those used in the wake of a traumatic event (terrorist attack, death). Words using past tense, and ‘we’ are seen much more frequently.
  • Reviews of expensive restaurants used sexual metaphors, whereas cheaper restaurants used drug metaphors.

All in all a very interesting series of observations! However, does this mean that a restaurant can increase profits by using longer, italian words in their menus and charging more per dish? As we know, it is not so straightforward. Correlation does not imply causation.