How to Respond to Google+ Reviews With “Google My Business” App

Last June, Google introduced the Google My Business App – a one-stop shop to help local businesses get found online. Recently, they updated the app so that businesses can respond to reviews in real time.

How the Google My Business App Update Works

As soon as a customer writes a review for your business, the app will send you a push notification and give you the chance to respond quickly. Here is nifty little graphic of how the push notification works (courtesy of Techcrunch).


Does the Google My Business App Allow Me to Send a Private Message to a Reviewer?

No (at least not as of when this article was written). Your response is still a public post.

Need Some Tips About How to Respond to Reviews?

Google offers some pointers on their Help page. And here’s what Reputology customers have to say.

Why Is Responding to Google+ Reviews Important?

Google is a heavy-hitter, and they’ll only get more influential in local. By responding to reviews quickly, you have the chance to not only get an unhappy reviewer to change his mind but to also win over any prospective customers reading your Google+ business page. Reviews are also a valuable source of customer feedback, so even if you don’t choose to respond, you still get input that can help make your business better.

If you need help monitoring and managing online reviews for all the major review sites and you’ve got multiple locations you’re overseeing, holler!

State of the Review

Welcome to the Reputology blog!  To kick things off, we present to you the “State of the Review” – an in-depth analysis of online reviewer behavior based on 1,500+ reviews for 350+ restaurant locations who we’ve been monitoring.  

You might think that online restaurant reviews are simply a function of the reviewer’s opinion on food, service and atmosphere.  But we found biases by the review site itself, size of the business, restaurant type, and even cuisine.  And the biases seem large enough to have financial implications.  So along with the results, you’ll find some commentary and hypotheses about why the biases exist and what it means for the business.

Before we delve deep into the juicy details, let’s establish some baseline facts:

avg # of reviews per week 3-29-2013

overall rating distribution 3-29-2013

The average restaurant receives about 1 new review every week.   Though the majority of reviewers give good ratings, on average, over 1 in 3 of those reviews is lukewarm if not flat out negative, i.e. 3 stars or less.

Contact us for a PDF copy of the entire “State of the Review”.