Respond to reviews directly from Reputology or Hootsuite

In addition to aggregating your Google and Facebook reviews into one place, Reputology also lets you reply to reviews directly from our interface.  No more clicking in and out, from site to site.

Screenshot #1: Monitor reviews and track replies from Reputology.

Screenshot #2: Post replies to Facebook and Google reviews directly the dashboard.

Our review monitoring app for Hootsuite also lets Hootsuite users to respond to reviews directly from the Hootsuite dashboard.

Screenshot 3: Monitor reviews along with all of your social channels from Hootsuite.

Screenshot #4: Reply to reviews from Hootsuite.

If you’d like to learn more about how Reputology’s technology can help your organization monitor and reply to reviews, contact us.

Use HootSuite to Monitor Reviews

HootSuite announcement

Over the past few months, businesses big and small have asked us, “Does Reputology monitor social media like Twitter and Facebook???”

At the time, our answer was “No”.  And now… Well, our answer is still “No”.  But…

HARK!  Powered by the new Reputology app, HootSuite can track online reviews on all the major review sites, including Google+ Local, Foursquare, Yahoo Local, Citysearch, Yellowpages, Urbanspoon, Opentable and more.  

No need to log in to yet another dashboard.  Now, you can monitor reviews in HootSuite along with other social media.  Key features:

  • Monitor reviews for all major review sites, for multiple storefronts, all from one place.
  • Customize each stream by rating, review site, and location.
  • Track how reviews are followed up with by assigning a “status” to a review.
  • Not only monitor reviews on general business directories.  Also monitor industry specific review sites for restaurants, hotels, auto dealers, health professionals, etc.  (You name it, Reputology can track it).

Showing is better than describing.  Check out the screenshots below.

Screenshot #1: Monitor reviews with all your social media channels in HootSuite.


hootsuite screenshot 1

Screenshot #2: Customize a stream however you want.  Create multiple streams, too.


hootsuite screenshot 2

Getting set up is easy.  Here’s how you can start monitoring your online reviews in HootSuite:

  • Already a HootSuite user?  Use this link to Install Reputology now.

  • If you don’t have HootSuite account, sign up here to install Reputology